Private Fee Schedule 
New patient examination (excluding x rays)£40
6 point pocket chart and 2 visit scaling with local anaesthetic£200
Assessment and Advice – INCLUDING CLINICAL PHOTOGRAPHS (if needed)£30
Periochip – antiseptic chip insertion (per chip)£30
Scale and polish – Single Appointment£45
White fillings (single surface directly placed in a single
appointment) – from
Laboratory made white fillings involving 2 or more surfaces - from£550
Veneers – includes pre-operative study models and diagnostic wax up 
Porcelain veneer – from£550
Composite (directly placed) veneer from£200
Non surgical extraction – single root from£75
Surgical extraction – raising a flap/suturing and possible bone
Crowns – includes pre-operative study models and diagnostic wax up 
Partial coverage gold onlays and crowns – from£550
Gold full or partial coverage – from£550
Acrylic – from£400
Cobalt Chrome – from£650
Hard Splints including 2 reviews – from£700
Tooth Whitening 
Home whitening – both upper and lower arches/initial supply
of whitening gel
Zoom! Office and home whitening – includes take home kit£450


The charge you pay depends on the treatment you need to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. You will only ever be asked to pay one charge for each complete course of treatment, even if you need to visit your dentist more than once to finish it - either Band 1, Band 2 or Band 3 (see below)

If you are not exempt from charges, you should pay one of the charges for each course of treatment you receive:

Band 1£20.60
Band 2£56.30
Band 3£244.30
Urgent treatment band£19.70

Prices subject to annual changes from the NHS.