We Have The Perfect Software to Get you Your Perfect Smile

If you are looking to enhance your smile then Refresh Dental Care has created a special opportunity you might like to consider. We are offering all patients that may be interested in improving the health and aesthetics of their smile a complimentary perfect smile consultation service together with a FREE Cosmetic Perfect Smile Imaging.

What is a Cosmetic Perfect Smile Imaging

Your dental health and cosmetic concerns are important to us. For this reason, we thought you might like to see a visual representation of how your smile can be improved and enhanced. We use advanced digital technology to help create an enhanced smile imaging of your teeth. Thus you can see exactly what cosmetic dentistry can do for you before any actual treatment.

We will then use our special innovative technology to create your new perfect smile and send it back to you.

Latest Smile Imaging Technology Allowing Our Patients To See Into The Future

Smiles can be enhanced more beautifully and predictably than ever before.
We'll take time to understand your wishes, and will be honest with you about what we can achieve from a dental and technical point of view. Before we do any treatment, we will assess, plan and design any changes to your appearance meticulously; helped by models and digital photographs.
We'll discuss the options available and help you choose which is best suited to you, your teeth and your lifestyle.

We also recognise that an investment in your smile may not have been budgeted for and we can discuss the ways to spread payment if you prefer

We have invested in the latest computer technology imaging software to help our patients. ‘Smile Imaging’ lets people see how their appearance could be improved with various dental options. If you've ever wondered ‘If only..?' then please ask to take a look.

For more information on how we could help to boost your looks and confidence, please book a consultation with the team.

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